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Humber ATA

Humber ATA - who are we?

Due to increased demand by our client group, HETA have set up an Apprentice Training Agency (ATA). Humber Apprentice Training Agency is a wholly owned subsidiary of HETA and can act as the employer for any apprentices that client companies wish to engage with but are unable to employ directly.

Hosting an apprentice through the Humber ATA enables companies to engage HETA apprentices by reducing employment risks or associated overhead costs. Humber ATA will act as the Apprentice’s employer and the Apprentice will be placed with their ‘host’ company, to enable them to gain their apprenticeship qualification.

Humber ATA will promote and support the delivery of a high quality engineering apprenticeship programme through HETA involving companies who wish to use the services of an ATA.  

Humber ATA supports the delivery of the HETA apprenticeship programme by offering a number of services including:

  • Recruitment and selection of apprentices via the HETA recruitment process
  • Management of the Apprentice’s employment including all payroll, tax and National Insurance obligations