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E- High Voltage- Refresher Training in the Safe Operation of High Voltage Power Systems (Full High Voltage Authorisation) (S5)

This course is designed to refresh the candidates’ knowledge and skills relating to safe practices and legislation applicable to high voltage power systems. It enables candidates to perform advanced HV switching operations on industrial HV networks up to and including 15kV. It includes both classroom theory and practical exercises.

Course duration - 3 Days

Course price - £800.00 per person

Course details

Who should attend? Electrical personnel with considerable experience in carrying out advanced HV switching operations and safety document issuing responsibilities up to and including 15kV. The course is aimed at personnel who have previously been authorised to multiple grades of duty which company rules may acknowledge as a Senior Authorised Person (SAP). Candidates should have previously attended a course such as the S4. Certification Candidates who successfully complete the course and both the theoretical and practical assessments will receive a Faraday Centre competence certificate and a certificate of verified achievement issued by EAL. Candidates who fail or do not wish to undertake the competence assessment will receive a Faraday Centre attendance certificate.

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